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  • Employee development and care
    At CMMT, we value every employee; besides a decent work environment, we also offer them space to learn and grow. In 2020, CMMT Taiwan hired 1,230 employees (including 163 foreign workers), an increase of 6.99% compared to 1,144 in the previous year. This is mainly attributed to the higher employee turnover rate in recent years coupled with difficulties in worker recruitment in the country. Consequently, besides continuing to recruit domestic talents and generating job opportunities in the country, CMMT also began hiring foreign laborers in 2018 to ensure the factory’s smooth production process. Domestic and foreign workers are full-time employees of CMMT, as the company does not hire contract or temporary workers to ensure the employment stability of our employees.
    Due to the nature of CMMT’s production, the front-end of the process involve mostly large machinery while the back-end is more labor-intensive. CMMT hires a wide range of employees of all ages to provide a stable working environment and job opportunities. CMMT currently hires 3 employees with physical and mental disabilities, which is below the legal limit, but the company is still committed to providing opportunities for disadvantaged groups.
    CMMT not only complies with Taiwan’s Labor Standards Act but also abides by the International Bill of Human Rights to provide an environment with a work-life balance. Furthermore, the company is committed to talent cultivation. New employees are given a comprehensive training program to help them adapt to their jobs quickly. Each year, internal/external training is scheduled according to different topics to help employees continue to learn and grow.
    CMMT employees are mainly between the ages of 31~40 (54%), followed by employees below the age of 30 (18%). They are mainly experienced and energetic direct employees. The manufacturing industry consists of mostly direct employees.
    As a professional polarizer manufacturer, our employees consist of mainly university graduates, accounting for 61% of our total workforce. This is followed by senior high school and vocational school students, accounting for 29% of our total workforce. In the future, the company hopes to transform into a high technology, high value-added enterprise by leveraging Taiwan's high-quality R&D manpower.
    Given the increasingly competitive industry, we will increase the number of talents with abundant industrial experience and management from 2019 to foster more diversified ideas and thinking, thereby let the company stand out in the competitive industrial environment.
    Welfare system
    Employees are an integral part of the Company’s business and production. Hence we want our employees to apply their expertise and earn generous remuneration to support their families. In addition, we also perceive great importance in their physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing, allowing them to achieve a work-life balance. Besides satisfying our employees’ needs in food, clothing, accommodation, travel, education, and entertainment, we also offer comprehensive insurance coverage including life insurance, accident insurance, and free group insurance, so that they can work with peace of mind. CMMT also created the Employee Welfare Committee to provide marriage allowance, childbirth allowance, funeral allowance, leisure, education, and entertainment allowance, birthday gift coupon, gift coupon for 3 major festivals, child education allowance, as well as company trips. Members of the Welfare Committee are comprised of appointed or elected members from various company departments. The committee members exercise their powers in routine meetings convened regularly to decide on CMMT’s employee welfare policies, plans and organize various employee activities
    Talent cultivation
    In light of education and training’s role in fostering teamwork, systematic training and the following training approaches are adopted to let our colleagues share equal training resources, improve personal skills, and accumulate expertise.
    一、Comprehensive new employee orientation
    The company provides new employees with 2 days of orientation training, allowing our colleagues to understand the factory environment and work requirements through systematic course planning. Production process and business-related professional training are needed for some of the specialized job positions. It is hoped to let the colleagues gain further insight into manufacturing, production processes, processes, products, and services.
    二、Promote internal lecturer cultivation program
    The internal lecturer is the best spokesperson for knowledge propagation and accumulation. Therefore, the internal lecturer training program is progressively promoted and implemented to internalize the know-how of internal professionals and systematically present them, to quickly help the company accumulate professional personnel.
    三、Implement systematic training for various job positions
    Various professional personnel is trained according to relevant certification systems. Annual training themes and key points are applied to provide relevant personnel with training courses based on theme and job position. Besides professional personnel, professional skill, and certificate-related training, different levels of management are also required to receive training based on their job positions.
    四、Obtain training resources through various grants
    To let our colleagues enjoy more diverse training resources, a wide range of training programs are conducted through various government projects every year.
    Recent annual education and training courses