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  • Technologies and Future plans
    Continue to provide differentiated services and new products
    Pursue cutting-edge technological trends and innovative R&D capability
    Eager to embrace innovation and change; uncomplacent with our current accomplishments and unfettered by the failures associated with being adventurous, we constantly provide differentiated services and new products; pursue cutting-edge technological trends and innovative R&D capability.
    CMMT continues to introduce high-value, differentiated products spanning across fields such as automotive displays, slim products, OLED, healthcare, and industrial control.
    The Company’s R&D and technology-related departments are constantly engaging in new process technology and high-performance polarizer development to cater to our customers’ application needs in small/medium/large-sized displays, ultra high definition displays, automotive displays, and OLED displays. We also strive to develop proprietary products and services that can satisfy the market and our customers’ needs while quickly responding to the market demand and various challenges with our customers.
    In 2020, CMMT invested approximately NT$220 million in R&D, and the annual investment amount continues to increase.
    CMMT's Product Technology Development
    Automotive Related Technology
    ? Mass producing polarizers used in automotive vehicle displays, in particular, the special compensation film aiming to comply with the OEM 5.0 standard for European Union is prioritized in the development process.
    ? Introduced shaped processing technology for the front center console.
    ? Development of OLED (car-used) polarizer.
    ? Iodine-based (car-used) polarizer with improved weather resistance.
    OLED Related Technology
    ? Introduction of integrated black OLED polarizer into mass production
    ? Development of OLED polarizer for automotive use
    ? Flexible OLED polarizer development
    Optimizing Free-form Polarizer Shaping Process
    Laser and profiled polarizer can be used to achieve the most efficient processing and meet the customer's needs for weather resistance.
    Anti-peeping films for NB
    Cooperate with end-user brand solution designers to understand the development needs of the brand, and quickly combine with upstream raw film suppliers and downstream panel manufacturers to quickly introduce models into mass production!
    MINI LED Backlight Polarizer
    In response to the trend of LCD display backlight development, the competitive advantage is to improve productivity, high performance and reasonable price.