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  • Waste management
    To effectively manage waste, CMMT has introduced environmental protection design concepts during the product life cycle, applied the latest production technologies and equipment to improve production and contamination prevention technology, as well as reduce material consumption and waste. Moreover, the company can effectively utilize energy resources or minimize the environmental impact caused by the products and services. CMMT has established waste management procedures for employees to follow and effectively adopt separation from source and diversion to achieve the goal of waste reduction.
    Waste classification and disposal
    CMMT has classified wastes according to the different treatment and recycling methods. In 2020, the company's business waste was outsourced, cleaning up 3,526 tons of waste, of which 1,102 tons were recycled and reused, 1,906 tons were incinerated, and 518 tons were sent to the landfill. CMMT's waste recycling ratio has reached 31% in 2020.
    Year   Waste classification and disposal declaration (ton/year)  
    Recycled Incineration Landfill
    2018   900 1,845 584  
    2019   954 1,641 579  
    2020   1,102 1,906 518  
    Waste reduction measures
    CMMT promotes source reduction and turning waste into resources by applying source management and reutilization methods to become resource-friendly and environmentally friendly.
    Enhance production technology and extend the shelf life of production line raw materials, use recyclable PP boxes as packaging material, refurbish recycled gaskets, and cut them up for reuse.
    CMMT has introduced an iodine recycling system to concentrate the used iodine solution before allowing the original supplier to recycle and purify the iodine, thereby realizing the circular use of raw materials.
    CMMT is committed to elevating production technology and introducing new eco-friendly technology to minimize tear and wear, waste production, as well as increase the circular utilization of resources for the sake of environmental protection.
    Year   Waste classification declaration (ton/year)  
    Hazardous industrial waste General waste
    2018   885 2,471  
    2019   747 2,427  
    2020   882 2,644