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  • Insider trading prevention
    The Company has formulated the “CMMT Procedures for Handling Material Inside Information” to prohibit Company insiders such as directors or employees from trading securities using information that has not yet been disclosed on the market.
    Every year, the Company conducts education and training on insider trading-related laws and regulations for our new employees. The 2020 course was completed on January 27, 2021. The course content includes the confidential handling of material information as well as the cause of insider trading and case studies.
    We also present insider trading case studies to our colleagues to ensure the implementation of insider trading prevention-related promotion, education, and training. The entire course, including the test, is approximately one hour, and a score of 100 points is regarded as course completion. Besides employees who have a justifiable cause (bereavement leave, occupational injury leave, and long-term sick leave) and therefore cannot complete the test, everyone else must complete 100% of the course over the year. A dedicated unit will regularly track and examine the test results of all new employees and existing employees in order to vigorously implement insider trading prevention, establish the concept of integrity, honesty, and ethical values, reinforce corporate governance, and risk control, as well as shape a corporate culture of integrity in a bid to achieve sound management.